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The Windward Diabetes in Pregnancy Program (WDIPP) provides comprehensive consultative care for pregnant women with diabetes of all types, including type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes and other rare types. We also provide pre-conception consultations for women with diabetes who are thinking of getting pregnant.

Even if diabetes is well controlled before a woman gets pregnant, pregnancy can change how her body reacts to certain treatments. Her diabetes can also have a big impact on her pregnancy. With the latest medical treatments, women with diabetes can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The DIPP includes a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who specialize in treating pregnant women with diabetes to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for you.  

The DIPP team includes:

  • High-risk pregnancy specialists (Dr. Janet Burlingame at Women’s Specialty Care)

  • Nutritionists

The DIPP team will follow you throughout your pregnancy and birth to ensure that you and your baby receive the best possible care.

The program will include the following:

  • Initial consult with MFM specialist Dr. Burlingame

  • Consult with diabetic nurse educator and nutritionist

  • Ability to upload your glucose values to the patient portal for review

  • Weekly review of glucose values

  • As needed recommendations for change in diet, exercise or medications

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